• Cleans and deodorizes hermit crab enclosures
  • Safe and natural synergistic blend of stain and odor fighting bacteria and enzymes
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Contains natural lime and other citrus oils

HermitClean™ is formulated with a safe and natural synergistic blend of odor fighting bacteria and enzymes that facilitate the breakdown of biological waste. It also contains natural lime and other citrus oils. HermitClean™ safely and efficiently removes offensive odors and cleans your hermit crab’s environment without the use of harsh chemicals. HermitClean™ is ideal for use on cages and other enclosures where the concentration of animal odors can present a problem.

In addition to housing and feeding your hermit crabs, it is imperative that a healthy, clean habitat be maintained. Bacteria and fungus can grow fast and need to be prevented.

If you notice an unpleasant smell, the cage is overdue for a cleaning and should be taken care of right away. That smell is sign there is something in the cage that shouldn't be there.

Sizes: 100 mL

Remove animal from enclosure, spray product liberally on cage and let soak for 5-15 minutes, then wipe off. Repeat as necessary.

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Hermit Crab use only. Keep away from children

Download Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

8535 HermitClean 100 mL

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