JurassiPet® produces a full line of reptile, amphibian and land crustacean products for the prehistoric pet enthusiast. Based on sound science, research, and the most current and respected opinions of foremost herpetological experts, JurassiPet® products are the most advanced and effective available. Where other competing products fall short, JurassiPet picks up. Welcome to the next step in the evolution of reptile and amphibian products.

JurassiPet® products cover a variety of requirements and include nutritional supplements, foods, maintenance products, and water conditioners. JurassiCal™ and JurassiCal Liquid™ offer concentrated calcium supplementation in powdered and liquid form. JurassiGuard™, a high potency garlic supplement, enhances appetite. JurassiSafe™ conditions tap water making it safe before use. JurassiVite™ exceeds all others in vitamin supplementation by providing all 14 vitamins and 17 trace and ultratrace minerals recommended by herpetological experts. JurassiQuench™ and JurassiDiet™ Gut Load will keep feeder insects hydrated and well nourished thereby providing optimal nutritional benefit. JurassiDiet™ is our line of reptile and amphibian foods that set a new standard in quality and nutrition. It also includes our line of canned prey, EasiDiets™